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​​Boracay, Malay, Aklan, Philippines

1.  How far is Tans Guesthouse at the beach?

     Answer:  Tans Guesthouse has 2 buildings.

                      Tans Main which is less than 1 minute walk to the beach

                      Tans Annex which is 2 minutes walk to the beach ( 100 meters away from the beach)

2.  Is Tans Guesthouse has a sea view?

     Answer:  Tans Guesthouse Main has no beach view. It is located on the 4th building from the beach. It is  fronting                     Eriko's House.

3.  Is Tans Guesthouse is front beach or near the main road.

     Answer:    Tans Guesthouse is located near the front beach not on the mainroad. From main road it takes 5 mins                         walk  to reach Tans Guesthouse.

4. Is Tans Guesthouse has a family room with kitchen? How many it could accommodate? Ia there a utensils for                               cooking as well as plates and cooking wares?

    Answer:   Tans Guesthouse has 3 types of Family rooms: (with kitchen)

                   Room1      Main building    ( 4 pax)     Ground Floor     possible for 1 extra pax

                   Room 5     Main building    ( 4 pax)     Second Floor     possible for 1 extra pax

                   Room 10   Main building    (10 pax)    Third Floor        possible for 2- extra pax

                   Tans 8       Annex building  (4 pax)     Ground Floor     possible for 1 extra pax

                   Tans 6       Annex Building  ( 6 pax)    Second floor      possible for 2 extra pax

                           Cooking utensils, gas for cooking , plates and glass are provided

                   Tans 12     Annex Building   (6 pax)    Third floor         possible for  2 extra pax  (no kitchen)

​​Tans Guesthouse